Pizza quesadilla

Behold! a two ingredient Keto pizza quesadilla. This is just cheese melted in a skillet and crisped up into a delicious golden brown pepperoni holder. You can adapt your recipe to your taste in so many ways. You can add a tbs of your favorite low carb pizza sauce or marinara. Sprinkle a bit of parmesan on there :) I have found that these two ingredients alone can really scratch a pizza itch in only a few minutes.



3 oz. Mozzarella cheese

enough pepperoni to cover your cheese.



In a 10-ish inch nonstick skillet add 2-3 oz. of shredded mozzarella cheese. I have made this so many times that I know a medium heat will crisp up the outside perfectly while leaving a nice melty top. You may have to experiment a bit. After you sprinkle your cheese evenly on the surface of the pan, spread your pepperoni evenly over the cheese. I take a very thin silicone spatula and lift the edge of my cheese to test for doneness after about 2 minutes. You want it to be nice and golden brown. Depending on your pan you may have to gently drag your spatula around the edges and under the whole thing to make sure it’s not going to stick to your pan when you fold one side over the other. Don’t try to do this until the bottom has set, usually one to two minutes. Once you like the color of your pizzadilla you can fold one half over the other to make a half circle and remove it from your skillet.


I make these for a quick lunch and consume them on the spot. A few minutes after you remove your pizzadilla from the heat your cheese will firm up and will not be as delicious. I let them cool for about 30 seconds, slice them up into 4 wedges just like pizza and consume exactly one minute and 13 seconds after they come off the skillet. jk. But seriously, they go from molten to no longer melty in about 5 minutes. My nonstick skillet can be found here. I’ve had it for two years and it’s the best nonstick I’ve ever had. Nothing sticks, nothing. And all nonstick skillets work well for about a month! But seriously. Two years. Two years. :)


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