Hi and welcome! My name is Emily and I have had a lifelong struggle with my weight. I say had because after two and a half years on the keto diet, I am finally at a healthy weight. Prior to Keto I was almost 300 lbs and miserable. I don’t mean to imply that being overweight means you are automatically miserable, I just happened to be both. I had suffered through a very depressed and lonely period and fought quite unsuccessfully against a binge eating disorder. I am not a physician and cannot say that this way of eating will have the profound effect on you that it’s had on me, but if you are giving it a go I’m here for you! Almost every aspect of my life has improved after I changed my diet. I began by removing all sugars, starches and grains. I read every label of every food I picked up and kept my net carbohydrates under 20 grams a day. I googled keto, ketosis, ketogenic diet and read everything I could. there is an astounding amount of free info out there. I watched lectures on YouTube and listened to free podcasts. I felt a bit off for a few days but never experienced the well known, dreaded keto flu. After a week a felt a bit more energetic and I was losing weight. I was losing weight eating sausage and cheese omelettes and salads with full fat dressing and steak at night. After a month I felt like a new person. I fell asleep effortlessly at night and popped out of bed. My chronically dry skin began to improve and I felt glowy. My appetite decreased. I didn’t have intrusive food thoughts. I ate when I was hungry and found that I was going hours without even thinking about food. For the very first time in my whole life I felt that food no longer had a hold on me. Best part, the urge to binge had almost completely disappeared. I will definitely be dedicating a blog post to the dangers of the binge/ restrict cycle. Eating full fat, Whole Foods had completely changed my relationship with food. At a certain point I did begin to crave some of the foods I’d enjoyed during my standard American diet days. With a few swaps and substitutes and some experimenting, I have been able to copy almost any traditional dish. The best thing about my new keto baking was that because the sweeteners I was using were calorie free and had close to a zero glycemic index and because they were usually high fat, I was able to have one. Just one. I was totally satisfied and didn’t get the sugar crash that I used to which quickly lead to more snacking. I believe I have found the way that my body was intended to eat and have never felt better. I will keep keto-fying old foods as I think of them and post the recipes here. You can also find me on Instagram which is where I started posting my recipes. The complete collection is there. I hope you enjoy following along in my kitchen adventures!