I don’t have all the answers. No one does! When I first starting eating a ketogenic diet I learned from other people who had found great success eating this way. I didn’t buy any books, although there are some great cookbooks out there. I didn’t purchase any coaching or meal planning kits. I learned from others. Since I started I have learned so much and have become an absolute leading national expert on what works for me, but I still don’t have all the answers. In this page I will link the websites, resources and products that have helped me along the way. Each of these resources will be valuable in different ways. I encourage anyone who is looking into this way of eating to read as much as you can, from as many different sources as you can. Some will have amazing advice that could be life changing. Others may have a perspective that isn’t that helpful to you. That’s ok! Just keep on searching :)



Dominic, the handsome mug behind “No Bun Please”, is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge, especially when it comes to eating out. He has spent a lot of time and energy