crab cakes benedict

Eggs Benedict. I love it. Them? I love eggs Benedict. Since going full Keto I have figured out many ways to incorporate more hollandaise into my diet. I mean delicious, delicious egg yolk and butter am i right. Apparently I ordered eggs Benedict for myself when I was 6 years old. I had never had it but it sounded fancy. My parents still make fun of me. Jokes on them, I loved it! here is a very keto spin on an old classic, which I definitely actually should have called Keto crab cakes eggs benedict florentine but that’s a lot.



favorite keto crab cake recipe. Mine is here!

Fresh spinach

3 egg yolks

1 tbs. fresh lemon juice

2-4 tbs. melted butter

a dash of old bay

two poached eggs

The recipe I used for keto crab cakes, linked above, was perfection. It subs a mixture of almond flour and pork panko bread crumbs for traditional bread crumbs. Whenever I make a new recipe I make it 100% as directed. I always think of ways to tweak or adjust as I go, but the first time I stick to the script. As I was making these crab cakes I was afraid my batter was too wet. I thought I would fry two up, see how they did and go from there. I planned to experiment with the next two by forming them, coating them in more pork panko, chill them and then fry them up. Unnecessary! As written, that recipe is perfection. My crab came from Cameron’s Seafood online. I live in Michigan and it’s hard to get really fresh seafood. I’m sure I’ll talk more about Cameron’s in the future because I am so impressed with the quality. Click here to check them out. Enter the code KETOCOPY at checkout to save $10 off any order.


After preparing your crab cakes, (you can sub any recipe you like, I just happen to have a favorite and can’t take any credit for it :)) assemble your spinach and hollandaise ingredients. I used the pan with the leftover butter from browning the crab cakes plus one more tbs. butter to wilt my spinach. This may sound gross but really it’s just a great opportunity to incorporate some flavor from your crab cakes into the spinach. I heat my pan to med-low and just stir the spinach around until it’s wilted but still nice and bright green. Plate your spinach. Add two crab cakes to your gorgeous bed of spinach.

I topped my crab cakes with two poached eggs. You can prepare your egg however you prefer. If you’ve never poached an egg before click here to watch a helpful short video.

I bring about 2 inches of water to a boil in a large high sided skillet. You can use a large pot too but I find it sometimes challenging to get the poached eggs out without damaging them if my pot is too tall. Once your water is boiling, lower the heat to a simmer, as low a setting as possible. Stir the water in your pan to get it flowing in one direction. While the water is still moving, crack your egg right in the center of the pan. The movement of the water helps to keep the egg from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Crack the second egg into the water. If your water is on super low it should only take a few minutes to finish poaching your egg. I gently press the yolk with a spoon to gauge how done it is. I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to yolks. I don’t enjoy a super watery, runny yolk. I’m always after that perfect, clear, set, soft gel texture. For me, this takes 6 minutes. A 4 and a half minute bath will give you a runny yolk, if that’s your thing :). I remove my poached eggs with a slotted spatula. I gently run the spatula under the egg and lift it out of the water slowly. You can place the egg right on top of your crab cake or set it on a paper towel lined plate to dry a bit more thoroughly.

Prepare to make your Hollandaise! If you’ve never made hollandaise sauce before and think it’s scary, it’s not! Here is a little youtube video that explains how to bring together a hollandaise sauce over a double boiler. Nevermind the incredible amount of butter he uses :) Here is another video that is much longer but allows you to see the entire process.


  • Place your egg yolks in a heat proof bowl. You can use just 2 if you prefer. I use 3 because I have a recipe for keto rolls that calls for 3 egg whites so chances are good that I have 3 egg yolks in my fridge.

  • Add 1 tbs fresh lemon juice

  • Place your heat proof bowl over a small sauce pan with an inch of simmering water in it. Make sure that your bowl doesn’t come into contact with the water. We want the steam to heat the bowl and not boiling water.

  • Whisk your yolks and lemon juice together over the steam bath for several minutes until the mixture has thickened and increased in volume.

  • Slowly drizzle in your melted butter as you continue to whisk. Add 2 tbs. butter for a thick hollandaise , like the one pictured, or 4 tbs for a thinner sauce.

  • Sprinkle in a bit of cayenne or old bay seasoning if you choose. I did! and I’m happy about it :) I actually used the seasoning mix that came in the Keto box from Cameron’s Seafood and it was fantastic.

Place your poached eggs on top of your crab cakes and pour the hollandaise sauce over both. Enjoy!


Storage tips! I usually make this dish right before serving. Both poached eggs and hollandaise are best served, in my opinion, immediately! There are methods out there for how to store both but I will be honest with you, I’ve never even tried. There are aspects of this dish you can prepare ahead of time in a pinch. Both the spinach and the crab cakes can be prepared ahead of time. A good compromise between getting everything prepared ahead of time and cooking everything right before serving would be to prepare your crab cake mixture ahead of time and store it in an airtight container. I usually do this and only cook up however many I will be serving. I actually think that the flavor is better on day 2. It only takes a few minutes to brown them up and then you’ll get that nice crab cake butter to wilt your spinach in.

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