Cheese shells

Here is a technique for making crunchy, almost no carb taco shells out of your favorite cheese.

There are many techniques for making a crunchy taco shell out of cheese. You can place piles of shredded cheese on a parchment lined baking sheet, place slices in the bottom of a nonstick muffin or whoopie pan, the possibilities are endless. If you can think of a vessel that you can heat cheese in, you can make a cheese shell. I enjoy making cheese shells one at a time in a non-stick skillet. I like the control you have of watching my cheese closely and being able to get it exactly as crisp as I like. Each shell only takes about a minute and a half to make.

I begin by placing an ounce or two of shredded cheddar in a nonstick skillet on med/low heat. Once you make these a few times you will know the exact heat setting that your stove makes the best shells on. As the cheese begins to melt and bubble I take a silicon spatula and gently scrape the cheese from the edges in to make a perfect circle. This step is 100% skippable if you don’t care about a solid edge.



Once your shell is solid enough that you can run your spatula underneath it and it feels like it’s going to hold together, you’re almost there! I like to flip my shell over to toast up the other side while I set up whatever I am going to drape it over to cool. My shells usually only takes about 30 seconds to finish crisping once flipped. I let my shells cool while draped over my rolling pin. I like the shape that it gives my shells since they harden while they are cooling and will keep whatever shape they are cooling in. I’ve used chopsticks, a big wooden spoon handle and even a skinny can that once held tomato paste. I like the shape that I get by using my wooden rolling pin. It provides lots of room for filling! :) Simply remove your shell from the pan with a spatula and drape it over whatever mold you choose. The shell may drip a bit of oil so I usually do this over another pan for easy clean up. Let the shells cool and harden for a few minutes before enjoying.

I get asked about this nonstick pan a lot! It’s a Berghoff pan and you can find it here.


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