Do What Works For YOU.

I field a lot of questions about cheese and sweeteners and nuts and eggs and caffeine and bullet proof coffee and peanuts and..... yeah, lots of things. Mostly it's people asking how I can eat [insert food] and still lose weight. Well, because I can! I've been doing this for two years and through trial and error and research and disastrous long breaks from keto, I've figured out what worked for ME and what doesn't. Of my 8 great grandparents, 5 were Scottish or Scots-Irish, one was English, one was Native American, one is a mystery (I'd put good money on "white"). I hail from thousands of generations of people who ate cold water fish, animals and animal products, locally grown veggies, and maybe some wild berries when they were in season. And you know what? When I eat those things I feel great. So I'm going to eat like this for the rest of my life. We've done horrific things to wheat in the last hundred years, so I don't eat it. We've bred most fruits to be insanely sweet, think honeycrisp apples, so I don't eat them. Soy? Don't get me started. I don't eat it. But I will never, ever tell other people not to eat those things. The point of my story is to figure out what works for you!!! If you see 50 people make something with fathead dough and you try it and you blow up and feel like shit don't eat it! My puppy gets the squirts when he eats turkey. There is absolutely nothing un-healthy about turkey but it does NOT agree with him. So, my dog does not eat turkey.

There are more opinions about “how to do Keto right” than there are people. Hang in there keto fam. Figure out what works for you. Don't let anyone shame you about your food choices. Pay attention to what you’re eating and how you feel. I add a Tbs. of Kerrygold butter to my coffee most mornings. I keep a food journal and when I looked back on my most successful weeks they always included fatty coffee. You will see people passing out advice like, don’t drink your calories! Well, when I drink 100 calories worth of added fat in the morning I noticed that it saved me 200-300 calories worth of snacking in the evening. I found that butter in my coffee works for me. What are your goals? are you on Keto for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits? Then yes, you will want to avoid soybean oil and maybe certain nuts like peanuts. I am not. I am not battling inflammation. I eat lots of nuts. I love nuts :) But peanuts are a legume!! Yes, a delicious, delicious legume.

Ask for help. Read some stuff. Listen to your body. Hug a dog. We'll get there. Whatever your goals are, you'll get there. Once you find out what works for you, what helps you along and moves you towards your goals, don’t let anyone convince you you’re wrong.

ANOTHER NOTE! When people offer me advice I listen with the mindset that they are hopefully coming from a place of kindness. I just say thank you and move on. I’m glad that they found something that works for them.

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