I have lost 100 lbs.

I have lost 100 lbs. I can hardly believe it. For so long I have been a person who needed to lose 100 lbs. I started every single diet known to man with this as my mantra. Ok, I have 100 lbs. to lose. And I'd lose 30, or 40lbs. And then I'd gain it all back, plus some. Eventually, by repeating this pattern over and over and over, I crept up to 294 lbs. Misery. This morning I weighed in at 193.8 lbs. I don't know what to do with myself 😂. Never before have I had control over my diet. Never before have I been able to look at food as a goal and not something to be avoided or I was "bad". My relationship with food was destructive, obsessive, abusive, torturous and just all around agony. Keto has allowed me to re-shape my relationship with food into a healthy one. I am forever grateful. These are some of the most valuable lessons I've learned along the way. Success isn't one decision, it's thousands of tiny decisions repeated over time. Starting with no bun is great. You don't have to be perfect. We somehow expect ourselves to be perfect with food. You'll never be perfect. You will make mistakes, it's ok. Do the best you can every single time you sit down to eat. Weight loss can be slow. It's ok. Time will pass anyway. Tiny losses add up. The scale may stop. It's ok. Focus on all of the other improvements in your health. Mine have been energy, sleep and mood. Take care of yourself first. You're worth it. Speak up at restaurants. Ask questions. It's ok to make sure your needs are being met!! Stick with it. Ask for help. Cry when frustrated. Kick a pillow. Celebrate every victory. This has been both the hardest thing I've done and the easiest. So many mental hurdles to tackle even when the food choices were easy. I still have a ways to go but OH MY GOD, I am no longer a person who needs to lose 100lbs. I am a person who has LOST 100lbs.

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